RyahovchaniTe is the collective name of several groups, which have devoted their work to revive and preserve the customs and traditions of their village and region. They have performed under their individual group names: female group – “Kitka”, male group – “Oficerite ot zapasa” and “Nezhni chuvstva”, but because of their multiple joint projects and collaborations, they have emerged under their new stage name.

The group from the small village near Ruse – Ryahovo, has actively carried out their undertaking with the help of local and national institutions. They have been able to recreate and record several, centuries old customs – rituals for fertility of the land, rituals for rain before the drought season and many others, some recordings of which, have won prestige festival awards.

RyahovchaniTe has always been a part of the cultural life of the village and its region, with performances on festive days and celebrations, but most significant role for their deed have the national and internal fairs and festivals, in which they have achieved mentionable accomplishments, and most importantly – they have presented almost forgotten customs of a small, but culturally rich region. The group has won multiple honorary awards and certificates for their masterful performances of traditional folklore songs, but also for vintage 20th century Bulgarian songs, also known as Old City Songs.IMG_4197

The group has implemented different genres and instrumental accompaniments in their repertoire, but the two main ones are the traditional folklore songs of their region and the Old City Songs, accompanied by acoustic guitars and accordions. Every song, sung by RyahovchaniTe is enriched with profundity, they are slow paced and impactful, skillfully performed under the sound of instruments, played by experienced hands.

The music and ideals of the group – capturing, preserving and spreading the traditional music and customs, are met by Zvooka’s vison ensuring the joint striving will result in not only documenting and recording this cultural heritage, but introducing it to the whole world.

The members of the group are:

Lili Dimitrova, Antoaneta Atanasova, Rumyana Georgieva, Tatyana Todorova, Elka Stoyanova, Yordanka Nikolova, Todorka Nikolova, Rumyana Drumeva, Miglena Kirilova, Magdalena Yordanova, Milko Tonev, Svetoslav Nikolov, Radoslav Dimitrov, Veliko Dobrev, Vasil Baltakov, Plamen Kokalanov, Ivan Velikov, Petar Sheev, Petar Pasev, Dimitar Halachev, Dimitar Petkov.

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