For over seven decades, Bazovets has been singing. Over the years the all-female vocal group of the small village near Ruse, Bulgaria – Bazovets, has gone through changes and transitions – members, genres and instrumental accompaniment. During the period 1978 – 1989 the number of singers was over 40 – those were the monumental days of the choir, performing to huge cheering crowds at shows which are still being talked about today.

After a decade missing in action from the scene, in 2002 they reemerged under the new name – ‘Balgarka’. They immediately enter a major national festival where the group won multiple prices and received invitations for international folklore fests. Multiple local events and celebrations followed and the group participated again in the cultural life of the region.

In 2009 the vocal group went through another alteration and became the group it is famous as today, “Bazovska iskra”.

Bazovksa Iskra is now composed of ten vocal singers and one musician. The group mainly performs A Capella – traditional folklore songs sung as a single voice or in a dual – layered harmonies, and recently the group have included instrumental accompaniment to their songs.

The musical tones and texts of their songs revolve around their joyful and vigorous performance style, charging their public with high positive energy. The main theme behind most of their song are being youth, innocence and in love.


“Bazovska iskra” is a part of a community and as such, they are actively involved in a variety of local celebrations, events, national and international festivals, where they are being praised and regularly awarded prizes such as: „BalkanFolk”, “EuroFolk”, the national folklore festival “Rozhen” and many more. Where ever the group is performing, it’s capturing the public with its masterly performance, cheerful spirit, dedication and expertly crafted traditional folklore costumes.

With the international appetite increasing, Bazovska Iskra thought it was probably about time they put a real record out for the world to hear. The partnership with the team at Zvooka is enabling them to share their artistry and talent, to participate in more festivals, both national and international and document these old songs for the whole world to hear, as well as to preserve this cultural treasure for future generations.

The members of the group are:

Krasimira Dimitrova, Diana Georgieva, Penka Leonova, Emiliya Kancheva, The Enchevi Sisters – Stefka and Petranka, Petranka Toneva, Ignatka Georgieva, Nina Kirilova, Stoyanka Todorova, Liubcho Leonov – instrumental accompaniment.

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