“Avligite” is the female vocal group of Tetovo, founded in 1971, as the women’s choir of the village, near Ruse, made of people yearning to sing and to have a merry time. This year – 2016, the vocal group has been celebrating 45 years since their formation, with their first studio album, but this time, the motives behind it are to preserve the cultural treasure of their village, passed down from generation to generation and until today, endangered of extinction.

Today’s composition of the group has changed from what it has been in its origin, but the spirit and the tradition have been retained. All of the members of the vocal group are born and raised in Tetovo, they have worked their lands and have entertained themselves with these songs, they’ve sang them during engagements and weddings and other joyous occasions, setting the atmosphere with their bright coloured traditional folklore costumes. Their songs are A Capella – traditional folklore songs sung as a single voice or in a dual – layered harmonies. They are a part of this culture and are responsible to preserve it for their children and grandchildren, as well as to present it to everyone, who’d want to be touched by these simpler times.


The female vocal group participated in numerous national and international folk festivals such as National Folklore Fest “Rozhen”; National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore “Koprivshtitza”; Euro Folk and this year’s World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2016” where the group won numerous awards and medals.

For these songs – the legacy of the village and region, to be preserved, they needed to be recorded and heard. The collaboration with the team at Zvooka is giving them the opportunity do just that, enabling the group to take care of these grand songs, to participate in more national and international events and festivals, to continue their mission.

The members of the group are:

Pavlina Andreeva, Margarita Atanasova, Rositsa Yanakieva, Slavka Tsankova, Donka Ferdinandova, Ivanka Cekova, Stefka Ruseva, Petranka Velikova, Anka Dimitrova, Dimitrina Sacheva, Rositsa Petrova.

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