A missionary from Utah, wounded after the terrorist attack in the Brussels Airport was near the site of the explosion at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

The injured Mason Wells, 19, along with Richard Norby and Joseph Empey were near the explosions at the airport Tuesday morning. The trio had been taking a French colleague to the airport when the suicide bombing took place. In a strange twist of fate Wells, had a similarly close call three years ago while in Boston accompanying his mother who was running the marathon. The event was the target of a terror attack that killed three and wounded scores more. He has been only one block away from the explosion and after Tuesday he was twice in a dangerous proximity of a terrorist act. His family reported that in November last year he was in Paris when the city was struck by a series of attacks, but that time, he was not close to the horrific events but was in another part of the city.

He had survived the last attack with minor burns on the face and arms, there are more serious injuries to his legs and ankles. Is it luck to experience three of these terrorist attacks and then with relatively minor injuries, to go on your way or is he the guy with the worst luck? We can only be glad that he is well and we never have to witness another act of terrorism.

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